About Us

Business Overview

My Property Tool is an online platform developed for property investors.

We provide functionality in the following key areas:

1. A digital book keeping platform to maintain accurate records and transactions for you property portfolio.

2. A forecasting tool to project the future value of your property portfolio.

3. Market activity reports to understand latest trends occurring across Australian suburbs.

4. Research reports including access to historic capital growth of all Australian suburbs, detailed suburb demographic information, and property data for all properties in Australia.

How we started

We are a group of professionals who are passionate about property investing and maintain our own property portfolios. We are experienced professionals who have worked extensively in the areas of wealth creation, accounting, investing, property development, web/digital, data, research and project management. As investors, we saw the need for an online property platform that would provide digital book keeping capabilities and Australian market activity and research reports in a single place.

Our mission

1. Provide a single, easy-to-use digital platform for Australian property investors, available any time, on any device.

2. A long term commitment to provide products and services to support property investors.

3. Continually improve and extend our platform.


We would love to hear your feedback - please email us at support@mypropertytool.com.au, or use our contact form.

Tell other property investors about us

We hope you enjoy using My Property Tool, and please spread the word about us if you are getting value from our service.