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We provide an easy to use and comprehensive digital bookkeeping system to maintain clear financial records and transactions for property investors. Eliminate the need for paper records, ensuring property records and documents are available in a trusted digital platform forever.

Keep track of market activity data and use our valuable suburb and property research reports to guide your property investing decisions.

Proven and award-winning real estate software for investors you can rely on.

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Why Property Investors Choose Us

  • Award-winning real estate software for investors.
  • We are used by high profile property investors, including those owning 60+ investment properties.
  • Consistently excellent reviews from industry professionals.
  • We are an all-in-one digital platform, providing real estate bookkeeping, property portfolio reporting, property forecasting, and suburb/market activity research reports (covering all Australian suburbs), in a single system.
  • Our platform is easy to use and flexible, enabling investors to track their portfolio at a detailed level, a birds eye level, or both.
  • Market leading property portfolio management functionality and reporting.

Property Forecasting

MyPropertyTool has a number of unique property portfolio forecasting tools for investors.

  • Portfolio Forecaster - enables investors to forecast the value of their property portfolio 10 years from now. The forecast is based on using real suburb-level data going back 30 years to generate a projected value.
  • Deal Analyser - buying an investment property is a big financial commitment. Spending time doing research is essential - use the Deal Analyser by entering the information for a property you are considering buying, to get a property cashflow forecast and capital growth forecast going forward 10 years to help you evaluate a deal before proceeding.

We are constantly looking to develop new property forecasting tools.